Your tiny penis deserves humiliation

Guys that have a tiny penis in their pants are not the ideal sexual partners for women whatsoever. Practically zero women are interested in a man that has a tiny penis. That’s why if you do, you deserve to be humiliated.

Surely some of you are aware of your own penis size but some guys need a reality check. If you need someone to rate your penis then come get it. The goal is to ensure your tiny penis gets treated the way it deserves to be treated.

You’re never gonna enjoy sex or blowjobs like real men do, instead you’ll tug on your tiny penis while you watch one of us on webcam humiliating your tiny useless penis. Laughing at it and humiliating you about it, are the only things that it’s good for.

Go pick out who you want to humiliate your small penis on webcam and get the humiliation you deserve immediately.

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2 thoughts on “Your tiny penis deserves humiliation

  1. I bought a cock cage online – looked like the smallest plastic one available at about 3”. My dicklette doesn’t begin to fill it. Makes me more ashamed of my tiny clitty than I was before.

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