Your face belongs in my ass crack

Ass worship goddess.

The crack of this ass is superior to you. Your dick isn’t good enough to come near it, so that means you’ll worship it with your face. 

Stare it at, beg for it, sniff it and worship it on webcam all you want but you’ll never have sex with me. Oh no, you’ll masturbate yourself into a frenzy with your face in my crack but you’ll never rub your cock in it. It’s too good for you.

Your only suitable place is beneath my ass. Under the crack where you belong, breathing in my pussy and ass like it’s air for you. Mistress knows hot ass controls you and now it will completely as soon as you submit to mine.

Your face belongs fixated on my ass crack constantly and now it can be. Take your place as my masturbation slave and worship my buns on cam. It’s your place in life.

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