Wiggling my pretty feet while you beat your meat

Wiggling pretty feet

Mistress knows all about your fetish for feet. So I’ve decided to become your foot mistress and allow you the honor of worshiping my body — including these powerful tootsies.

You can’t resist them, in fact you need them to get off. Soon they’ll become the only thing you can get off to. My hot body, kinky mind and beautiful feet are going to rule over you. Submitting to my feet and getting used by them will become a constant craving for you.

And week after week you’ll come back aching to watch me wiggling my feet and toes on cam right in your face, while you beg to beat your meat for mistress. This is the beginning of your new life as a foot slave. Enjoy it.

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One thought on “Wiggling my pretty feet while you beat your meat

  1. My dick is so small, I had to get another smaller cage because I could remove my cock from the older one. It’s in there good and tight now. I get off kissing and licking toes and soles!!! But only when I’m allowed.

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