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  1. I asked my GF, after catching her fucking a 19 yo BBC, she was 35 at the time, I I told her I. Glad she cheated, bc I didn’t deserve her. To train me sissy and shrink my cock. 3 years later, I wear only panties,shave my legs,etc, she caged me,used estrogen cream, I went to1 1/2 inches hard. I am addicted to black cock, I suck dick often. She puts me in girls diapers if we go to store to humiliate me. She got a specially made cage,super tiny, said by end of year I’ll be 1 inch or less hard. We asked my dr to make sure it wouldn’t cause issues.he said as long as you can go, yr fine, but yr smaller than when you were born,and have the tiniest dick on an adult Ive ever seen. I hire girls out to humiliate me, I am glad I did this. I’ve had over 200 girls say I’m tiniest they ever seen. Dana is happy she did it, said it broke my ego, she loves seeing me tied down with a huge black cock fucking my mouth and cumming in it.

  2. Whitebois like us can’t satisfy women sexually. Our natural duty and purpose is to serve Superior Black Men.

    1. Tiny dicklet beta boys like us have no choice but to turn our bitch assess into sissy fagotts and serve we don’t deserve women we just deserve to be laughed at by hot girls

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