Two Finger Tugger Status

Two Finger Tugger Badge

A two finger tugger is about as pitiful and gross as it gets when it comes to masturbation. 

You might be wondering what on earth a two finger tugger even is and we’ll get to that. It’s understandable for any sane person to think this must be some sort of joke, but sadly it’s not.

What’s a Two Finger Tugger?

The dreaded Two Finger Tugger is a guy that has a dick so small that he can only jerk off using two fingers. Typically they utilize their index finger and thumb in place of an entire hand or two like real guys do.

Seeing a guy doing this can be one of most hilarious and grotesque  things you’ve ever seen combined. You truly won’t know whether to laugh or cry or scream in horror!

Dominant mistress on bed in bra and panties

4 thoughts on “Two Finger Tugger Status

  1. My micro penis is so small all I use is thumb and one finger. It certainly is a pathetic and hilarious sight to see me tugging furiously on my dicklett.

  2. Of course I am a two finger tugger I can’t hold it or Jack it or hold it to pee or tugg it any other way than with two fingers and even those slip off sometimes when jacking it to cum a tiny mini cum load in under three to five seconds

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