Two Finger Tugger Status

Two Finger Tugger Badge

A two finger tugger is about as pitiful and gross as it gets when it comes to masturbation. 

You might be wondering what on earth a two finger tugger even is and we’ll get to that. It’s understandable for any sane person to think this must be some sort of joke, but sadly it’s not.

What’s a Two Finger Tugger?

The dreaded Two Finger Tugger is a guy that has a dick so small that he can only jerk off using two fingers. Typically they utilize their index finger and thumb in place of an entire hand or two like real guys do.

Seeing a guy doing this can be one of most hilarious and grotesque  things you’ve ever seen combined. You truly won’t know whether to laugh or cry or scream in horror!

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17 thoughts on “Two Finger Tugger Status

  1. I am a pantie wearing two finger tugger. My wife laughs and tells her friends. She just bought me a t-shirt that says tiny penis in bold letters on the front.

  2. I know that I am a two finger tugger, because when I use the search tag “two finger tugger” on, there are 4 submissions from me.

  3. I use two fingers anything else I can’t fit on my 3 inch cock , thought all men di use two fingers lol ?

  4. I used only 2 fingers, the very first time I ever masturbated…
    That was 14 years ago but I am still using only 2 fingers today…
    But it was only recently, that I first read comments, stating that only small dick men would do that… I really worry about being to small now…
    I am just a two finger tugger… :((

  5. I used to jerk it but in the last. 3 yrs I’ve abstained and only 2 finger tug my nub all limp and taught. It’s barely cummies anymore due to my almost non existent small balls. I’m useless for penetration, all I am is a servant sub beta now. Cuckolding , humiliation and BBC used to get me hard but now if I do I prematurely cummie blanks in less than a minute but the orgasm is mind blowing. There’s no turning back, I’ve sissified myself, clitty in panties, shaved smooth all over. Brainwashing myself involuntarily. I crave humiliation, I desire, not fantasize anymore to meet a hot black alpha master. All two finger tugging

  6. Two fingers here too . Usually thumb and middle finger . I use my middle finger and rub it like a lil clit … which it is . 1 inch soft and 3 inches hard. Love rubbing my lil clitty

  7. Of course I am a two finger tugger I can’t hold it or Jack it or hold it to pee or tugg it any other way than with two fingers and even those slip off sometimes when jacking it to cum a tiny mini cum load in under three to five seconds

  8. My micro penis is so small all I use is thumb and one finger. It certainly is a pathetic and hilarious sight to see me tugging furiously on my dicklett.

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