Tiny penis pantyboy confession

I am a tiny penis closeted pantyboy. My everyday life is wearing panties. Been closeted for years, due to being so embarrassed by my tiny penis. Going out to sporting events and afraid to go pee, worried some guy would look and see it. For sure would be very worthless for women.

So yes it deserves to be encased within panties. It’s less than 3″ soft and 4″ erect. I’ve had a few girls laugh at it. In fact, they are the ones who put me in panties. They said, when you masturbate from now on, just do it by rubbing it like a girl inside your panties. Just let the juice soak your panties.

So yes, I am getting used to being laughed at for the lack of size.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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