Terry got his balls busted for having a loser penis

Tiny Dick Terry got his balls busted

After disappointing every woman I ever dated, a few of them decided to bust my balls, bind them up and leave me like this while they took photos. All of them love laughing at my tiny dicklette and calling it a little loser while they continuously bust my sack into oblivion.

Please Kristen, Aubrey, Kate and Leah, please, please, please accept my apologies and know I’ll never try to pass off my 4in boner for a real dick ever again!

– Tiny Dick Terry

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

One thought on “Terry got his balls busted for having a loser penis

  1. 🙄 Yeahhh, I’m not buying this story….Really doubt all those women got together, and decided to give you your ideal humiliation fantasy….you wish this happened(i’m sure all of us on here do) but in reality, I’m sure it was all in your head while you fucked your hand as you always do….What’d you do? Punch your balls? Hit ‘em with something? Well that’s good, but you should be paying bratty bitches who will laugh at you

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