TDT doing the infamous Cucumber Challenge

TDT vs the Cucumber Challenge

TDT decided to give the cucumber challenge a try! He ran to the grocery story and grabbed a cucumber that was roughly the size of the cock his ex-fiance is now banging.

As you can see by the comparison, it made perfect sense why she would dump his dinky dicklette for a big manly fat dick to suck and fuck. Now he is officially a cuckold. Congratulations!

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

One thought on “TDT doing the infamous Cucumber Challenge

  1. In “Sun Daze” by the Florida Georgia Line, the guy admittedly refers to his weenie as a tiny cocktail umbrella: I’ll sit you up on the kitchen sink And stick the pink umbrella in your drink A one-hit wonder artist known as Gillette did a song called Short Dick Man. It has a remix -Answer Song with a male singer named Machito Ponce where his parts were so dedicated to rebuff Gillete’s “accusations” that it bounced back into Compensating for Something territory.

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