Small Penis Club Membership

Small Penis Club Membership Sign

Have a small penis? Congratulations, you’re a lifetime member of the Small Penis Club. Now all you need to do is add your pic to this sign and post it all over the internet.

The more you post it the more people will find out about your small penis, which in turn will get you even more SPH! That’s a win-win!

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9 thoughts on “Small Penis Club Membership

  1. My cock is not only less than four inches but its very thin finger thick , and my balls are small its so hot when women tell me how i am not enough for them

  2. Im an inch long when hard, and am a complete innie when I’m not hard. I can cum in about 30 seconds. I love showing off my tiny cock, and am proud to be in the small penis club.

  3. The first time i was pegged my wife had her friend come over and my wife told me she was going to restraining me because she gets off on it so after they had me help less and at there mercy my wife slapped my ass and said she was leaving her friend took my ass so hard

  4. I love being a sissy slut and taking some big cock deep ! Dirty clit cock likes to have a load shot in mouth !

  5. My wife is the one that gave me my sph fetish and now i need it like she needs huge thick cock i get off when her pussy has just been opened up i like it loose

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