Sloppy Seconds: Cucked by my girlfriend

I got Cucked by my Girlfriend, she rode a BBC, and she got creampied, while my hands we’re cuffed behind my back.

She was humiliating my Pencil Dick , I’m 7 inches long and 4 around. After she got creampied she got on top of with her pussy filled with cum, and put my girthless boner in her sloppy seconds creampied pussy and started riding me while saying she couldn’t feel me inside her. She said I was virgin before this. She made me cum inside her.

She said I’m not thick enough then she rode my some more and said my Chide is not thick enough, if you don’t know a chode is a Short Thick Dick and a chide is the opposite it’s a long thin dick.

I have a Chide if any girls want to ride me comment and I’ll respond!

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

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