Should I continue wearing panties?

I stayed with a friend the other night and she caught me wearing her panties. She laughed at me and said I look cute in a pink thong! After that she told me if I can fit in her thongs then I don’t have a dick but just a big clit and that I should always wear panties. She made me wear the panties all night and treated me like a girl too!

Is she right? Should I be wearing only panties?

She is 1000% percent right! You are wearing tiny thin panties and from a distance could easily pass as a girl. Now go toss your boxers out.

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

3 thoughts on “Should I continue wearing panties?

  1. Yes you can easily throw out those yucky boxers and immediately replace them with the sluttiest, skimpiest, sexiest most girly little g-strings and thongs you can find!!! I’m sure your friend won’t mind you hi jacking her most prized pairs lol

  2. Omg really? I don’t know if I can toss out all my boxers, and I don’t have many panties, I’m scared but will you help me?

    What do I need to do?

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