She saw my tiny penis while I was sleeping

A girl I was dating got to my house before I woke up and I had passed out drunk naked on the couch. She decided she was going to take pics and show all her friends for fun!

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

One thought on “She saw my tiny penis while I was sleeping

  1. I finally after 40 yrs quit denying that I’m a beta male. I faked being the man and it always bothered me when my ex would tell me how deep I was or got. Im 6’3 tall 180 food looking with a tiny 1 1/2″ dicklette. When hard I’m lucky to get 4 inches and it’s only 4 circumference. I’m not making any girl happy with my now shrinking no cum and only get hard if I’m thinking of big cock. So I’m ready to be a beta sissy servant to all women and all alpha men

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