Are you rocking a denver shoemaker dick?

Are you rocking a denver shoemaker or do you have a real cock tucked into your pants? 

Size is just as important to guys as it is to us ladies. So finding out if you’re packing one of these feminized sissy dicks is a must. Nobody wants to have a little denver in their pants if they’re hoping to be a real man that gets pussy!

Denver Shoemaker Dick Defined

A denver shoemaker (DS) penis is a dick that is feminine, prefers to be tucked into pretty panties and is usually kept out of the way because the owner normally wishes they had a vagina instead. That’s why they’ll often refer to them as a clitty instead.

DS dicks come in a range of sizes but are never in the big dick category. They are usually far too dainty and cute for all that. Instead they stay small, limp and possibly even tucked. However they do get hard when thinking about exposure, humiliation and big heavy dicks pounding away at their horny holes.

See if You Have One

To determine if you have a denver shoemaker sissy dick, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Do you love wearing panties?
  2. Does thinking about giving blowjobs turn you on?
  3. Is your penis on the small side and awfully feminine?

Unzip and check those pants guys! If you’re rocking a denver shoemaker then you better head out and grab yourself a realistic dildo because you’re gonna need the practice.

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