Put your panties on for Mistress like a good sissy

Put your panties on

If you want to be a good sissy girl, you have to put your panties on for Mistress. It’s time for you to model them and show off for me.

Feminine boys like you need to be kept in panties, as a constant reminder that you’re a pantyboy sissy. So I want you to put them on in front of me on webcam while you watch my reactions and listen to my training instructions.

Get those panties ready to wear and connect up with on cam now online.

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

One thought on “Put your panties on for Mistress like a good sissy

  1. Omg I will be a good little sissy girl for you! I love wearing pretty little panties and will wear them any time for you but I don’t have any of my own panties but I’ve been stealing my friends panties to wear, she has some pretty thongs lol hehehe… PLEASE HELP ME BECOME A GOOD LITTLE SISSY GIRL FOR YOU, ILL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT ME TO!!!

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