My first humiliating time in regards to penis size

My first humiliating time in regards to my size was when I just turned 18. I have a micro penis and am 1.7 inches hard.

My sister’s baby-daddy took me to a strip club. I got a lap dance from a stripper. She rubbed my thigh and looked for my penis, it wasn’t until she got to my crotch did she realized and started rubbing me like you see lesbians do in porn.

After she was done (I did pop my load as she did it) I caught her pointing and laughing in my general direction.

“Like lesbians do in porn.” lmfao!! Omg that is great to hear! Anyone else with a humiliating penis story, feel free to send it over to us.

See if you can top this one lol

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

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