3 thoughts on “Mistress wants to see who’s pathetic enough

  1. Hey ummmm I’m just wondering but if a guy was stealing and wearing your panties would you want to know? And what would you do if you found out? And also just curious but do you think its bad if a guy can wear a girl’s size small thong and not even poke out at all

  2. I am so totally pathetic and I have a really tiny pathetic excuse of a cock, my ex told me that I’ll never ever be able to please a woman at all with my tiny little penis and that the only way I’ll please anyone sexually is by covering my penis in pretty slutty panties and talking real mens big cocks up my ass, so she showed me some sissy porn and made me watch it… since then I really have been curious about it but I still haven’t tasted my own cum yet, but I do think I would like to show you how pathetic I truly am and be a good tiny dick cum slut for you, please show me on cam how to do it right let me prove how pathetic I really am for you, I have been so turned on by humiliation and sissy porn I think I’m ready to actually do it and be a good obedient lil sissy bitch for a goddess who deserves a real man with a big cock not like my lil sissy clitty

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