Mistress picked out new underwear for your sissy dicklette

Underwear for sissy dicklettes.

You had to know that your sissy dicklette was too small to fill out men’s undies, so mistress picked out some for you. 

Now it might be a bit shocking initially but once you slip into your new underwear you’ll be happy to know that all your old ones got tossed out. From now on you’ll be wearing women’s panties.

Mistress knows what is best for you. Try them on, see how nicely they fit over your sissy clit dick and you’ll agree.

Being a panty boy won’t be a difficult adjustment I promise. In fact why don’t you be a good sissy dicklette and come put those panties on for mistress on cam and model them. I’ll make sure they fit you properly, don’t you worry about that.

A little bit of feminization can’t hurt…

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

3 thoughts on “Mistress picked out new underwear for your sissy dicklette

  1. Yes Mistress I will come put on your panties and model them on cam… or I should say my new panties, I’m nervous about getting rid of all my boy underwear but you’re right I should definitely be wearing only women’s panties… I can’t wait to try on my new panties on cam for you!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Omg really mistress? I mean I know that I have a tiny pathetic little sissy clitty, and I do like wearing panties sometimes but now you’re telling me that I have to get rid of all my boy underwear and start wearing only pretty girlie panties all the time now? But what if someone sees me wearing my new panties like maybe someone at work they will make fun of me and I’ll be totally humiliated… and if I’m going to be wearing panties all the time like a girl does that mean I’ll have to start sitting to pee also?

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