Mistress found your dicklette after all

It was hard work but mistress has finally found your dicklette. After all penises that size are abnormally small so even I was a bit shocked. 

There is nothing quite as exciting and nerve-wracking then the moments leading up to showing your penis to a woman. That’s especially true when you have a small dicklette tucked away in your pants.

Show your dicklette to mistress

Spotting your tiny dick in photos is one thing but seeing you pull it out while on camera is a whole different ballgame. Imagine seeing me on cam in front of you watching my entire reaction as you show me your dicklette. Not knowing if it’ll be good, bad or will result in getting hysterically laughed at.

This is exactly what you have needed to experience for years now. All there is to do now is come show your dick to one of the hottest women on the internet and endure the reaction, rating and whatever else we might get into. 

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