Micro cocklette bangs handpussy at party

Today I am celebrating the anniversary of the time I was dumped, while engaged to be married, due to my micro cocklette. 

What will I be doing to celebrate?

First I’m showering and then I’ll be making load number 3 for what my mistress calls the Krissy Dumpiversary. I have already called off work today by using some PTO to literally beg, grovel and tug my penne pasta noodle sized penis off all day like a loser.

Literally I’ll be tugging at my pathetic pecker all day long to celebrate this humiliating day! The day my fiance dumped my like the premature ejaculating wimp dick that I am.

It’s annual event now that my mistress and I celebrate. So I have years and years of hand humping ahead of me because I know that I’ll forever be pussyfree and banging my handpussy!

On that note, I’ll end with this so the party can begin:

Oh that’s right… Krissy likes big white cock! She wanted a big long fat dick, so she dumped me over my clit. Yeah, that’s right. Now she’s face down, ass up, taking his big white dick while he slaps my ex-fiance’s butt!

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

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