Jacking off with my own tears

Jacking off with my own tears

How pitiful do you have to be to jack off with your own tears? Damn pitiful is the answer. 

After my 4incher found itself lucky enough to be engaged my fiance found out that bigger dicks existed in the world. Being the typical tiny dick I hadn’t been honest with her and had convinced her I was average. How many of us micro cocks fall into that trap right? Well I did and it came back to bite me in the ass.

She ended up seeing bigger dicks on the internet and hearing about them when comparing my size with her friends. Obviously her hot friends had no issue pointing out how small I was. They said, “If one hand can over the entire shaft then a guy’s boner is small.”

Treated like a bitch and ditched

Once she knew I was working with a wimp wiener she started being mean to me and treating me like I was her little bitch. That led to her dumping me and diving face first into the lap of a guy with a big dick. To make matters worse, he looks just like me! The only difference is his big ass donkey dick!

Now I sit at home with left behind panties and jack myself off with my own tears. I’ll wear the panties too like a bitch, just jacking off staring at the ring she gave back to me.

All I have is jerking off now, I’m like a frigging addict, a total gooner! Meanwhile she’s off sucking his big cock and getting jack hammered by him on the regular.

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

3 thoughts on “Jacking off with my own tears

  1. I’m 60 and have a 3″ dick hard my wife don’t what to touch it any more so I been jacking off awhile l like to taste the cum after and if wife has some women over I will make sure my tiny dick hangs out of my shorts and they can see it

  2. N n noooo!! Pleeeassseee its nonstop i just weep and tugggg while he fucks her night and dayyyy and she lovesssss BIG DICKKKKKK

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