I have just under six skinny inches and hate it

I have a just under six inch dick, but it’s really skinny and I’ve always hated it. 

Sometimes I put it in chastity, and put the key in a really tricky puzzle lock box that I can rarely figure out because I don’t think my tiny dicklette deserves the ability to cum. How do you think I could be more strict to it?

You could always throw away the key or freeze it into a block of ice. Anyone else have any suggestions for his useless dicklette?

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One thought on “I have just under six skinny inches and hate it

  1. My name is Desmond and I have a long skinny dick too. I’m 7in in length and 4 inches in girth. It’s pretty long but I’ve had sex with tight and women with loose pussies. With both I slide in using no hands and easily with no problems at all. Tight pussy feels pretty good. A tight pussy is the only good option for a guy with a skinny dick but I personally prefer loose pussy. If you like skinny dicks and want to talk to me, message me.

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