How small is your penis?

How small is your penis?

Odds are, if you’re reading this then you have a small penis. We’d like to know how small it actually is. So what you need to do is measure your wiener and leave your limp and erect sizes in the comments below.

It’s time that everyone knows how small your penis really is.

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

41 thoughts on “How small is your penis?

  1. About an inch when soft and 2.25 inches when hard. Having sex for a guy like me is equivalent to having infinite money. It ain’t ever gonna happen.

  2. I am Caucasian 6’3 about 190lbs in my late 40s of German/Swedish heritage and living in the nyc area, Manhattan and also westchester county NY
    But I am only around 2.5 inches flaccid and exactly 4.0 inches totally aroused / erect and only recently have begun to surrender to my size issues and the embarrassment and humiliation of it and perhaps the entertainment of this for others. I am now submissive , sexually subservient, oh gosh but true.

  3. Soft my dick is only 1.5 inches and looks like a snail sitting on a beanbag chair. When erect, it is 5.25 inches and 5 inches around. Regardless it always sticks straight out and never hangs.

    1. I know how rough that is were the same size except you’ve got me by a quarter inch unless I measure bone pressed. It’s sad and pretty pathetic but if you just embrace it and turn the shame into pleasure and realize that you’re probably a cuckold you’re definitely a beta and that 9 out of 10 guys will be bigger than you then it’ll be fine. Just accept your place on the chain that’s all

  4. 3 1/2″ Fully erect… but no longer gets fully hard anymore. Nothing but heartache & disappointment is found in my underwear.

  5. I have a micro baby dick who is 1.25 inches soft and hard is the width of my hand so less than 4 inches of baby boner. What makes it worse is i’m 6ft tall and 225 so im a pretty big guy. I never knew it was small even after it kept falling out during sex. I have female friends that have nicknames like big s little d and micro T and tiny dick daddy,

  6. I have an inney, so about negative 0.5″. I have not been able to get hard in years, but when I could it was a little less than 2″ and that was rock hard. My wife keeps me in chastity and has for about 5 years.

  7. Completely Soft I am less than an inch.
    Completely hard I am about 3.75 inches.
    Normal, I hang about 1.25 inches.

  8. My penis is 2.5 inches hard. Limp, it is not there. My balls are tiny, but I think they are kind of cute. I like showing my gear to people that will react strongly. Some people like to hurt small stuff, and I understand, so it’s cool.

  9. Limp – can’t see it so .5”
    Hard, when I can, is 3” on a good day but I’m medically diagnosed since birth with a micro

  10. Soft ~1 inch, no shaft visable just the head
    Hard ~2.3 inch

    I lost a bet with my female friend and she made me show her my penis. She laughed for a couple minutes when I showed her. She measured me, made me get hard and took pictures of my tiny penis.

    Would this be a good place for me to post pictures of my tiny penis so others can laugh like she did?

  11. My name is Dustin and I have a very skinny 4.5 inch dick when hard. About 1 inch when limp, which it most often is.

  12. 4.5 – 5 inches fully erect, but very skinny. My balls are very very small – they truly look like puberty had no effect on their size and most of the time they are retreated back inside my body and I just have an empty sack.

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