He’s addicted to wearing and jerking in stolen panties

I have a lot of beautiful female friends. Every chance I get I steal one of their sexy lace panties and I usually wear them when I’m hanging out with the owner. Most of these women think that 5 inches is way too small and start laughing when they talk about a 5-inch dick. My dick at its very hardest is about 4 inches.

There’s this one who is absolutely gorgeous. She saw me wearing panties and she knows that I’ve been stealing hers. She said my 4-inch dick is so pathetic and every time when she sees me in panties she just laughs. She knows that I’ve been jerking off in her panties and she thinks it’s pathetic. She says I ought to try having a dildo up my ass. Here’s some images of her panties. Please comment.

Wow they fit your clitty so perfectly too!

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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