Guys with penises that can’t go deep enough

Guys with penises that can't go deep enough would not be able to have sex with a woman like this

It has to be mortifying to be a man with a penis so small that he can’t even reach the target.

Imagine getting the chance to have sex but knowing you lack the length needed to do the job. This is life for many guys with micro wieners. Seeing you’re reading this, it could even be you!

Short dick men aren’t equipped for sexual activities so instead size queens like me find other uses for them. Hung guys get all the pussy and short penises get zero pussy for life. They get to live that pussy-free life!

Teased and dick denied

Packing too short of a stick leaves only a few options but my personal favorite is tease and denial. Making micro-men watch me, getting them turned on and then denying them sexual relief is what turns me on.

Making fun of their inadequacy while I flaunt what they wish they could have. A body like this, a tiny dick will never get to enjoy. Goddesses get real men, not guys with little penises.

Only teasing, denying and female domination is what you have waiting behind this door. Worshiping my ass and pussy is also a possibility but you’ll only ever get to look but never ever touch.

Dicks that small could never reach anyway so what’s the point? Exactly.

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