Guys are getting their penises rated online

Guys getting penis ratings online.

There’s a new trending sweeping the internet and it involves guys getting their penises rated online. Big, small and even micropenises are getting in on the action. 

The trend got kicked off thanks to along with (where girls rate penises while video chatting). And now endless amounts of guys are stepping up and finding out the truth about their size; whether they like it or not.

Not all are hung, so as you can imagine many of these men are being humiliated, mocked and shamed for being so small during their live ratings. For those into SPH it’s amazing but for those that thought they had big dicks and don’t — it’s a nightmare. That’s all part of the fun though!

If you’re a guy ready to face the music and see how you measure then we suggest you go ahead and get your rating. You can unzip and find out the truth by selecting a penis rater from the 100s of women available online now or you can get one from the femdom featured in the article as well. 

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