Guy friends all get sex but I have a micropenis

Friends all get sex but not my micropenis.

What is sex like?!

Does sex feel good? What does it feel like? It’s not fair that all my other guy friends get to have sex with girls while I have a tiny micropenis.

My genitals just have no sexual function. The last girl I talked to told me that mine just wasn’t meant to go inside pussies. So I just want to know what sex is like!

Sex feels like something you’ll never get. It’s warm, wet and tight around a real man’s cock. The pleasure is something that has no comparison, to anything you would have experienced. You’ll most likely need to get used to the pussy-free lifestyle.

If you want to know more come chat with one of us and we’ll tell you all about what sex feels life. Everyone leave your best description in the comment area below!

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

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