Grower or a Shower? Find out what you are!

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Are you a grower or a shower? That’s a question often asked in regards to the size of a guy’s penis. The problem is everyone is forgetting the third option: Neither.

To fully understand the question and how to answer it, we first need to look at what the options are. Once you get that then you’ll know how you measure up and how to answer it.

What is a Grower?

A grower is a penis that appears small when it’s soft but grows into a big dick. That seems simple enough but let’s take things deeper.

To qualify as a grower your penis must actually grow into a big one. A big cock is any man rocking 7 inches or more when erect. Now let’s look at two examples.

Example 1: Not a Grower

Terry has 2 inches of flaccid dick and grows into a 4.5 incher. He is not a grower, he is neither which means he has a tiny useless dick.

Example of not a grower
This beta doesn’t fit into either category. He’s not a grower or a shower.

Example 2: Is a Grower

Josh has a 4.5 inch limp cock and when it gets hard it grows into a big juicy thick 9 incher. Clearly he’s a grower but he’s also a shower.

Example of a grower.
A prime example of a shower.

What’s a Shower or Show-er?

Referencing back to the examples above, Josh would be considered a show-er because he has a nice size soft penis and a big stiff one.

A shower is a guy that has a big thick soft penis along with a large erection. This is also known as the perfect combination to have and most guys do not qualify. Only real men do.

The Third Option

This option is the one that is always forgotten about. Not all men fit into the grower or shower categories. The third option is a tiny dick that should never be allowed any sexual pleasure. This dude has a dinky soft dick and a short runt of a boner.

In example 1 from above, Terry is a prime example of a tiny dick bitch that needs to be either stuck into a chastity device or banned from all sexual activities for life. These guys are small regardless of whether they are rocking a softie or a stiffy.

And there you have it. That’s the breakdown of the whole Grower vs Shower vs Dickless situation.

For the Guys Reading This: Which one are you? Leave your answer in the comments or tweet your answer using the hashtag #sytd or directly @sytdick.

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4 thoughts on “Grower or a Shower? Find out what you are!

  1. Definately a shower, soft im 8 inches but i dont gain much length when erect, i just stiffen but do get thicker. So people are actually disapointed, expectingvits gonna grow into something huge.
    But i do enjoy the attention i get in lockerrooms, nude beaches or wearing toght pants, shorts.
    Now, my bf, jason k- hes def neither. He has a 4 incher that grows (?) Into a 4 incher! Lol! So, totally erect hes HALF the size of me SOFT, lol.
    I get off getting him boned, having him wear a cock ring to keep every little inch fully erect, on display, and we both walk nude at beaches. So people see my big dick swinging and his small boner bouncing. First, i see their eyes focus on me, then instantly to his shrimpdick and their expression is usually laughing or gigles or, yeah sometimes sympathy. People have actually said ” poor guy” to him . That gets me off.
    All i can say is good thing im 90% TOP! And hes 100% bottom… but with a dick that small, i dont think he has much choice, lol.

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