Girlfriend got double teamed by BBC behind my back and cuckolded me

GF got double teamed and cuckolded me.

Alyssa was out getting double-teamed by two BBCs during those times she told me she was “out with girlfriends”. I was clueless and lived as a cuckold without even realizing it. 

Apparently my shriveled up small bean dick made her decide to seek out big dicks and came across a BBC first. Unfortunately for me, he was a kinky horny fucker and brought his friend in on it to run a train on her behind my back.

She kept fucking them and cheating on me while letting me try with my tic-tac dick. Alyssa would laugh at me and leave me fluffed up boning with blue balls. That’s when she’d go “hangout with her girls”.

Even after being cheated on and cuckolded like a total big dick slut, I can’t help but miss her bubble butt and fat pussy. It has been over 10 years since she dumped my penne noodle dick and little ball sack but I still ache when I see her pop up online.

Oh Alyssa! I hope “the big stick” is pleasuring your pussy good now that you’re married to a hung stud. I’d give anything to be her cuckold creampie cleaner, so if you ever read this please let me know if you do! Maybe my owner, Goddess Jennifer, would be willing to loan me out to you for a night or something.

Damn I’m pathetic and a total bottom barrel bitch now. Who am I kidding? With a 4.5in boner, I have always been one.

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

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