Girlfriend cuckold me so now I hump the floor like a whore

While dating my former fiance we broke up a couple times along the way. Apparently she didn’t care much because she fucked other guys during these short moments apart. 

Every relationship has them but most women don’t run out to suck and fuck new dicks because they know the breakup isn’t for real. It’s more like the two of you get in a fight and ignore each other for a few and then makeup. Well that must be for the big dicks because mine went down different.

Girlfriend cuckold me.

My ex-girlfriend hooked up with other guys, enjoyed much bigger cocks and basically cuckolded me under the guise of supposedly being “broken up” with me.

Now I get zero pussy, feel like a limp little dick loser and hump the floor like a whore as my form of sex. Think I’m joking? Here’s a video of me being that pathetic of a gooner.

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