My girlfriend said I couldn’t hump her properly

Too small for proper humping

After giving it my best shot for 2 years, my girlfriend admitted that I couldn’t hump her properly. 

There is nothing quite like hearing how inadequate you are and that your dick can’t make her cum even at its best of times. Rock hard and raging hard couldn’t please her when less than 5 inches was all it ever amounted too.

To make matters worse, she told her friends about how tiny it is and how I’m a quick cummer. Size really does matter. Trust me, I know from experience.

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6 thoughts on “My girlfriend said I couldn’t hump her properly

  1. I am a woman I fucked a dick that small before and loved it and I came right on his dick. I felt real good. I fucked a dick that small all night long. I came 35 times that night.

  2. A week ago i tried to fuck my fiance, i literally couldn’t get it in, it just kept slipping out over and over again. My penis isn’t even long enough to sit in a vagina.

  3. I feel you… My exgf broke up with me because of the size (or better, the lack of size)
    U heard it after the break up from her girlfriends

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