Failed tinder hookup leads to cuckold sissification

Sissy Clitty That Turned Cuckold

Sorry for my sissy clitty and my poor English, not my first language. Here’s a story about what really happened to me and my clit.

I met a girl on tinder and she was really into me initially at the motel. She was all over me, so horny and wet when we were getting started.

I then took off my underwear and she saw my tiny clitty and started to laugh! She tried to stop but she couldn’t even when she tried her best. She then made an excuse to leave, all the while still laughing.

After that, I found cuckold porn instead and eventually met a GF that made me wear panties and learn to satisfy her with my tongue and sheath. She keeps me locked too.

Yes, she cheats on me. She cheats maybe twice per month and always with men with cocks. I always clean up after and we are both happy with our sex life this way.

We love each other and this works good for us. I am proud to be a cuckold with a tiny clitty!

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