Facesitting: A Fetish Favorite for Ass & Pussy Worshipers


Facesitting is the act of a woman sitting on a guy’s face. That is the definition but it only scratches the surface.

In the “normal world” facesitting is just another sexual position for a woman to receive oral sex but in the fetish world it goes much deeper than that. It’s all about adoring, worshiping and submitting yourself to hot ass.

Body Worship via Facesitting

Facesitting is a form ass & pussy worship and in addition is a great way to show dominance over a partner. It’s about worshiping your owner’s body, being smothered in its superiority.

When you are receiving a facesitting, a woman is literally owning you with her pussy and ass. Not only physically but also mentally, knowing the effects it has on your throbbing dick.

All the while the femdom is in control, ordering what her slave can and can’t do beneath that booty. We can bounce our asses on your face, grind our pussies all over you or just use that face and mouth anyway we desire. Your face becomes nothing more than something for us to use sexually. Which brings us to the tease and denial aspects of the fetish.

Facesitting Tease & Denial

Once we have you under our hot asses your control is gone. Those goodies that you ache for around the clock are now right in your face and have full control of your mind, body and cock.

During the facesitting tease subs will find themselves more willing than ever do whatever it takes to get a lick, one taste or even a sniff of that sexy pussy & ass. This is especially true when the entire time you’re being edged into a frenzy, talked dirty to and verbally dominated.

It is for all of these reasons that facesitting is a fetish favorite for guys that are hooked on worshiping ass and femdom pussy. Now let’s look at some fun ways to enjoy a proper facesitting.

Virtual facesitting demo

Ways to Enjoy Facesitting

Facesitting doesn’t need to always be use just for oral sex. There are tons of ways to enjoy the facesitting fetish. Let’s look at a few ways you can get in on the fun.

CFNM Facesitting: This type is done with a woman completely dressed but the guy totally nude. With you being so vulnerable it makes weakening you that much easier.

Panty Tease Queening: This is when you get your face sat on by a woman wearing panties, that way you can’t technique get to lick or taste anything. Nothing but constant teasing and throbbing.

Booty Bouncing: Your cock is sure to go crazy when you have a luscious booty bouncing up and down on your face. Just picture feeling that pussy and ass slapping against your face for a split second at a time.

Virtual Facesitting: This one is essential because it’s just not that easy to get a woman to sit on your face. That’s why virtual facesitting is fun and a must-have for anyone craving it.

With a virtual one you get to be teased verbally and visually online or over your smartphone. You’ll get to see the same views and angles as if one of us were sitting down right on your face.

We can all get quite creative and naughty with on our webcams, so give it a try and you’ll see how hot virtual facesitting can be. With this method you can get a facesitting anytime you need it.

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