Embarrassing first time having sex with a 3 inch penis

Embarrassing first time having sex with a 3 inch penis

My embarrassing experience trying to have sex with an extremely small dick.

There was this girl I was madly in love with. It went really well and we had so much fun. Only problem: My dick is 3 inches hard.

As she saw my dick first time we intended to have sex she was so turned off. She didn’t say anything but I saw the disappointed face she made seeing my dicklette.

She allowed me to penetrate her though but we had to stop after a couple of seconds because the condom I had was too big for me, fitted rather loose. After a few seconds penetration it got lost in her pussy. We had to dig in her vagina to find that thing because it slipped right off so easily.

After this she threw me out and avoided any further contact. This happened 5 years ago and I have never had a girlfriend again. Small dick beta losers like me shouldn’t be allowed to have fun with woman. I learned this now and my sex life is just stroking to femdom porn and feet from now on.

Dominant mistress on bed in bra and panties

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