Double Trouble for a Small Dick

Double Trouble for a Small Dick

Back in April, two friends and I took a long-planned trip to Miami. We went partying and as luck would have it, I had the good fortune of running into a pair of hot twins. 

I took them back to my hotel room (we had separate rooms as all of us are rather territorial) and eventually got excited at the real prospect of a threesome. They saw my dick and even though they let me know they thought it was small, they wanted to give it a shot anyway.

We started with me entering one of the twins while she ate out the other. We tried this for a bit, but eventually she let me know this wasn’t working for her as she wanted to be “fully filled with man meat” in order to be completely satisfied.

They switched positions and I tried with the other twin, who eventually gave me the same reaction. They decided to end the threesome, though they did give me a wonderful double jerking off while they were both still naked (both of them jerked me off at the same time).

So I suppose the night wasn’t all bad, but had I had a real cock, it could have been so much more…

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