Does your clitty crave feminization?

Feminization for clitty dicks.

Some guys are stuck with clit dicks but others find themselves craving full feminization for that clitty.

It has always been that way for some but for others the desire to get feminized pops up outta nowhere. Typically this happens after fully realizing they have a clitty for a penis instead of a real cock. Next thing you know, you’re craving panties, dildos and maybe even dick!

If a guy notices his clitty gets hard thinking about stuff like pretty panties or women’s sexy toys, hard cocks or anything like that — it’s a sign that feminization is around the corner.

Now for all of you guys out there with clit dicks, let us know if you have found yourself craving feminization which will ultimately lead to you becoming a sissy.

If you’d like to start the feminization process now, pick a sissy trainer and begin now!

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