6 thoughts on “Do you like having your dick laughed at?

  1. I haven’t been laughed at yet. But I love how the ladies stare and smile when they see how tiny my two inch limp dick looks. Even in a Speedo or panties, their eyes go straight to the little bump on the front of my crotch and it’s such a thrill!

  2. Turns me on when girls laugh at my little thing and make fun of it, IDK why.
    I would like to try a small CFNM party where I’m stripped naked in front of fully clothed girls and let them giggle and tell me honestly what they think about my pathetic dick for as long as they want

  3. my biggest fantasy is to be server at all female party. While im serving frinks someone comes up and pulls my pants down exposing my tiny dick causing all the women to laugh. They force me to the floor and make me jerk it. One by one they walk up and pee all over me.

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