Dick Check Guide for Newbies

Dick Check Guide

Dick Checks are more popular than ever among single women fed up with dating men with small penises.

Originally started right here at ShowYourTinyDick, the Dick Check has become the new standard and is getting more widespread every day.

No longer can guys hide their small cocks until they get the lights turned out. From millennials to Baby-boomers, all women are jumping on the bandwagon. Can you really blame us?

What is a Dick Check?

A Dick Check is when a woman verifies the size of a guy’s hard and/or soft dick before agreeing to date him. Best of all it’s easy to do and you don’t even need to touch a guy to verify whether he’s worth it.

How to Check That Dick

There are two methods that are mainly used for doing a Dick Check. One is for when you’re in person and the other is for online or via your smartphone.

Soft Dick Check

Supplies List: Measuring Tape or Ruler

Method 1: Have him drop his pants and measure his dick for you. It’s really that simple!

Method 2: Have him measure his dick in the same way as before and snap pics of it. Make sure to get photos of several angles to ensure he isn’t bullshitting you.

Additional Tips: Instead of just finding out his length, have him also measure his width, girth, cockhead or any other measurements you wanna know.

Make note of exactly where he places the measuring device at the base of his dick. That’s usually where the try to hide extra inches.

Final Step: Verify his dick size and decide.

The days of hiding behind a fake bulge or a semi that you’re trying to pass off as a limp dick are over with. No more hiding that length of that boner till it’s too dark to see it. Size matters and now word is out how easy it is to verify.

Talk about a time saver? This ensures that men with tiny cocks aren’t able to waste our time just to less us down.

Dick Checks are becoming the new normal and now only men deserving of sex will be getting any.

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9 thoughts on “Dick Check Guide for Newbies

  1. This is a great idea and would save everyone so much time. No more stress about how she is going to respond. She won’t be surprised and disappointed when she has to ask if it’s in yet after I have already finished. It would increase the chances of finding a woman that want to keep the shrimp locked up and feed me cream pies.

  2. Thats so fucking hot because it’s so unfair! My Penis is too Small to Satisfy a Woman and so you ladies can put me in my place before I knew what’s hittin’ me. I love that!

  3. It’s nice to see small penis iam not on my own with my little penis an bollocks always been humiliated by women i got used to it in the end

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