College goddesses turned me into a blue-balling butt sniffer

College goddesses own my body.

My small penis has turned my life into a roller coaster ride that led me right into the butt cracks of college goddesses. 

I literally had an engagement broke off, got dumped, teased, used, abused, bashed, blue-balled and then owned by college asses. Now my life is devoted to worshiping femdom SPH Goddesses when just a short while back I was about to get married.

Since they took ownership of me, I’ve now had my balls permanently busted and damn near ripped apart my penne noodle sized penis while making 1000s of loads. Add to that constant on and off blue-balling, ruined orgasms and even wearing panties to work daily with cum in them.

Butt crack sniffer gets ballbusting.

This all led to ultimately being owned now for real but devolving further into a literal butt sniffer. I beg and live to sniff goddess and Lexi and my exes actual butt-cracks and used panties. This is my literal life, it’s not fantasy, it’s what I’ve been turned into.

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

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