Caught wearing panties by ex-girlfriend’s new man

Guy caught wearing ex-girlfriend's panties.

I had been up at my ex-girlfriends apartment to grab some stuff before I left for good. She had already broken it off and found a new man with way more dick than I could offer her. 

Assuming I’d leaving soon and never getting any pussy again, I found my ex-girlfriend’s dirty panties to get off too. She was out getting food and I supposedly didn’t know about her new man yet so I figured I was safe to be a pervert.

Instead while I was wearing her panties jerking off in them, with another pair over my head, her new boyfriend showed up! He walked in to find them jerking and sniffing her new girlfriend’s dirty panties!!

I was shocked when he didn’t pick a fight but instead said he knew all about my shriveled up shrimp dick and premature ejaculation issues. Then went on to say that he felt bad that I was born a natural beta male that preferred wearing panties.

Totally shocked I just sat there ready to cry with my micro boner bouncing around. He then laughed, called me a cuck and said to enjoy the panties because, “that’s as close as you’ll ever get to her pussy again, Pussy.”

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