Boy dick blows chances and load in a split second

My chance at sex was right in front of my boy dick. That hot pussy was right there within inches and just begging to get fucked too. It was the perfect setup for a small midget dick like me.

I finally got hard but she tugged it for a bit first to get it really hard for me or she thought my boner was a limpy. Either way, at that point I thought I was ready to give it my best effort.

So I inched forward ready to try to slide it into that hot wet pussy. At that point she was wearing nothing but these small royal blue thongs. I watched as she slipped them off and then bent over, face down and ass up ready for it.  How could anything go wrong at this point? Time for some action finally!

Hot ass in a thong.

Making my grand entrance

Unfortunately right when I tried to enter between the cheeks it made contact with them. Just the tip touched her ass and I instantly started shooting cum out everywhere!

I tried to pull it back and dribble it to the side and then go back in like it didn’t happen but then it started limping again. So it was slimy and back to half floppy limp dick.

Trying again I jammed against her cheeks and pussy and then finally I backed off and laid down and tried to say I was too drunk and would try later. She clearly could see and feel what happened and she just sighed and said “oh well I guess it’s late” and went to sleep on the couch.

Meanwhile I laid on the floor with my sputtering failing polish flopper in disbelief. I couldn’t even achieve a two pump chump or minute man level status, which may have been enough to at least not get ghosted!

Later on after she didn’t show up for basketball game we had plans to and wasn’t responding, I asked her friend Jessica if she was okay and she said well she misses you as a friend but she has already moved on.

WTF? It’s not like it had been months or something?! She forgot about my lame premature ejaculating penis real quick. I have forever since been permanently ghosted by her.

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