3 thoughts on “Black Princess Rating and Laughing at Small Dicks

  1. Omg she looks like this girl from school that I used to know. Real lowkey bully would only fuck with me after school when she would come over. Didn’t want anyone to know she enjoyed pummeling nerds. Always acted like my friend till we were alone at my place no one knew what she turned into. Wedgies to what ever extent she pleased, a couple swirlies in my own toilet, wet willies, and loogies hanging right above my mouth till she sucked it back in or fell. The wedgies, wet willies, and loogies occurred daily after school the swirlies were when she wanted to push me further. This went on after school till we went are separate ways. Rarely did she miss a day after school even weekends she would ask when my parents were gone so she could ambush me for 30 minutes. Also, not like she would be at my place for too long every day it was a 15 minute to hour long series of events at the most probably helped her burn some stress off. The hour long events were rare and probably happened a dozen times out of all those days. I’m pretty sure we both enjoyed it in the end I never would put up a fight and let her get away with anything she wanted since she was so pretty. Not sure if she respected me at all but at least we both enjoyed it.

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