Aussie Style Small Penis Humiliation

Australian Small Penis Humiliation at a Hotel

Many years ago, I took a trip to Perth, Australia, to visit some friends I had made. They had been to California many times, which is where I met them, but this was my first time visiting them there. Not wanting to be a burden, I ended up staying in a backpackers hostel.

There were people there from many countries and I took an interest in a Danish girl who was also staying there. Well, I attempted to bed with her, which went well until she saw my member. I did ask if the rumor I had heard in high school that Danish men dicks were big was true and she responded with “larger than yours, that’s for sure.” Still, she did allow me a “pity fuck” so I guess it wasn’t all bad.

This urinal made me think of Australia since this is the type of urinal I saw a lot of down there. And it has an exquisite urinal mural to go along with it.

– Mike

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