After Freezing Shower Pic

After getting out of a freezing shower I thought it would be funny to take a picture of it and send it to one of my friends. She must’ve thought it was funny too because she decided to show all her girlfriends.

That’s exactly what you deserve for sending such a horrific looking dick pic. I literally laughed my ass off and then dry heaved.

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3 thoughts on “After Freezing Shower Pic

  1. Usually when someone posts a cold shower pic, it’s about as small as my clit normally gets at room temperature. But I don’t think mine has ever been that small even with cold water. Wow!

  2. i love to see men with a small cock as i love to feel it grow and get hard in my mouth my boy freinds cock to me is perfect. he loves my average size cock up his ass

    1. I know exactly how you feel. My boy freind also had a lovely small circumcized cock that I loved to have in my mouth for hours on end his would get hard then go soft over and over again.
      Now I would love to find another freind like him with the perfect little brownish cock. His butt was also very nice looking his asshole was brown with pink inside it used to open up when ever licked his hole his cock would get extremely hard.

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