Accepting Tiny Dick Cuck Status

True Story. When I was younger I just so happen to be friends with a big cock alpha stud named Kyle. He had a thick 7 inch COCK and I had a pathetic 3.5 inch bitch boi dick.

He was the only person to know about my tiny dick and he knew how to put me in my place. This usually came in the form of him telling people about my small cock.

I would try to date girls here and there, but Kyle would always tell them about my tiny dick and he would be the one that got the pussy. The first few times it happened I tried not to let it bother me.

I would try to date a girl for several weeks and just get ditched or blown off because the girls kind of knew i was a beta bitch. I would pursue these girls for weeks and just get denied pussy, but as soon as Kyle went after them, he’d have them riding his big fat cock in no time!

One of the last times it happened was with this girl Rachel. I had been talking to her for several weeks, trying to get her to hang out with me. She ditched me to hang out with Kyle one night and when I txt her and asked why, she replied “sorry, I heard you had a small dick :(” That was the first time a girl had directly confronted me about that and I was embarrassed at first, but then got so turned on.

I tried to ignore it at first, but picturing Kyle telling her about my tiny dick then fucking the shit out of her with his big cock made me so hard! That’s when I just gave in and jerked off while thinking about the girl I liked fucking a real man’s cock and cumming all over it.

I sat there in my room tugging my pathetic cock while Kyle was out there getting pussy from hot girls! I should have thanked him because I realized I was cumming way harder picturing the girls I liked fucking big cocks than if I were to be the one fucking them!

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