22 y/o sissyboy.. I prob shouldn’t do this lol

OK so my name is TS and long story short I have a fiance that I haven’t had sex with for over a year and a half (she doesn’t know it’s because I started talking with my ex again and he’s totally put me under a spell 😍) and not only am I cheating on her, but we’ve been dating for over 4 years.

I have a really little dick that’s totally useless from taking propecia when I was younger (I did it to stunt the growth) and before I can change my mind, I want to show the internet how much of a sissy girl I am 😛 and I wanted my face in it so I couldn’t get the base in the pic but it’s literally right where the pic cuts off, what you see is at its biggest, it doesn’t get any bigger 😛

Femdom webcam chat.

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