Wimped out by a group of real men

Got wimped out by a group of guys today. They saw these women’s undies sticking out of my pants and pulled them up around my stomach on all sides.

They told me to leave it like that or else it would get much worse in the future for me. My dick has been throbbing all day because of the way it got pulled up under my clothes.

I just want to live my life peacefully why are people like this?

It totally looks like you have a mangina! 

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5 thoughts on “Wimped out by a group of real men

  1. Really bad, they have done the same shit over and over since the second one where they forced it over my shoulders. I got “smart” and tried wearing panties that don’t stretch that much. They completely ripped them off in the bathroom the other day. I came while they were doing this one since the fabric just kept ripping upwards into my ass. My dick couldn’t take it. They noticed my ass was convulsing as they kept tugging up and pantsed me to get the full show. My little dick was sticking outside of the panties with a really red cocktip from all the teasing. As they kept pulling up only a string of fabric was left. It got to be too much and my little cock shot everywhere. Pretty sure I’m their bitch now. I know one of them was recording too.

  2. 1. Does look like should be is.
    2. I know girls who would call me over to wail on your ass for calling that a dick.
    3. People are like that because you are wearing panties in public. You were asking for it. My friends would have had those above your tits minimum.
    4. Your clit will be discovered one way or another. They have their sights set on you so it’s only a matter of time. The future threats were meaningless they tricked you into keeping your panties hiked up all day. Come on bro, think. You will get shit from these guys for as long as you are near them after they saw you wearing those. Only thing you did was listen like a pussywhippedwimp and keep a mangina they gave you in place.

    1. Shit, you were right. I kept it in place and they fucked with me bad 2 times in a row after the first day. I doubt anything will happen today but I am staying in my dorm all day just in case. Also, I do not have a mangina, I know I have a dick and balls. The panties are so comfortable I don’t wear them because I’m a sissy. Also, I will do everything in my power to stop that last part. This shit has already been embarrassing enough.

      1. lol what did I tell you sissy. You won’t have shit besides a mangina before long how those nuts feeling after you became suspender girl for the day?

  3. Didn’t even notice that but it really does look like a mangina with the way the hair goes around the underwear. My dick is the only thing keeping it from being a full on vagina. Lol at least I can keep this secret.

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