Wife humiliates and cuckolds her tiny dick husband but craved even more

My ex wife used to make me walk out in front of her friends naked on the nights they were all going clubbing. They would make fun of my tiny dick and then tie me to a chair to wait for them. Sometimes they would be gone for 6 hours and there I’d sit tied to a chair with my little dick out.

Eventually my wife did end up cuckolding me. I was encouraging her to do it, wanting her to do it and then she did. Her pussy started adapting to bigger and bigger dicks until mine was completely useless to her. She wouldn’t even let me touch her at all.

Later she made a doctor’s appointment for me to get a sex change. Little did I know she was hoping she could get the doctor to have my penis removed and leave the balls. That way I’d be left horny all the time but not able to get off.

So I’m in the doctor’s office and she showed the nurses and doctor my tiny dick as we’re walking down the hall. They were rolling on the floor laughing. It’s not like I can help it! It has always been small plus she had me shrinking away in chastity for a couple years.

It’s funny I loved not getting any pussy and seeing her with her boyfriend’s big dicks made her the hottest chick ever to me.

Steve Plouffe

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2 thoughts on “Wife humiliates and cuckolds her tiny dick husband but craved even more

  1. Lol, this can’t be further from the truth. This man is a sick and pathetic meth addict loser. He actually cheated on all his wives and treated them like shit. He’s a bum who lives in garages. Take his money findoms, he doesn’t deserve a dime of it. I should know I’m his daughter. Thanks dad!! So awesome explaining to family members why your sad little dick is all over the internet. Really cool. You human garbage can.

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