Wife fucks my real bro because I’m too small

My cock is 4.2 and my elder bro is 6 inches. He fucks my wife everyday. My bro and I live to together, when I got married (where I’m from girls usually don’t have sex before marriage) on my wedding night my wife and I had sex, it was her first time too; she was pleased.

One day she started saying aren’t you too small and she saw in porn guys are much bigger. Then a few days later I caught my bro and her having sex! Since then my bro fucks her every day then I fuck her after. We all sleep together now too. My stamina is much longer than my bro he lasts 10 mins at best while I can go on for 40 mins no sweat.

My wife still loves me and I still love my bro but I don’t like him fucking my wife but I endure it because she likes it.

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