When you’re so weak that even feet turn you on

Pretty bare feet.

You know your dick is weak when you find that even feet turn you on. It’s reached that point! No longer does it take big tits, big asses and hot faces. You’ve sunk so low that feet arouse your meat.

Sure plenty of guys have foot fetishes but not all would “qualify” for that label. Many others simply know they’ll never get laid, never get blowjobs and most likely will never touch a woman’s goodies. Instead they are left only able to see feet when they’re lucky.

We tend to wear a lot of skimpy shoes, sandals and flip flops, so you stare at them all day and pop boners like a horny pig. Well forget about that shit! You’re so horny and weak that you need to stop doing that and instead focus your attention on watching my feet on cam when you’re not working. Whether on your phone or computer; I want those eyes on my feet!

I want to make sure that you’re constantly horny, aching to jerk off and teased until you’re completely weak for me to use at will. I’ll make a good little foot slave outta you.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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