I Tried the Condom Challenge and Failed

I have failed so many penis size challenges already… The toilet paper roll test, the shot glass challenge, the jerk off challenge, the lighter challenge, the pen cap challenge, and the lip balm challenge.

Having such a tiny loser dicklette, I feel obligated to keep proving my lack of size by doing even more challenges.

So next up, I tried the condom challenge…

Condom Challenge Length

The mark shows just how short my pathetic penis really is and when it comes to girth, the test result is obvious. The condom isn’t even fully stretched up by puny little dickhead and it would clearly just slip off, if I’d try using it.

Condom Challenge Girth

I’ve definitely failed the Condom Challenge and I am a true member of the “Too Small for Condoms Club.”

Response from Goddess Jennifer:

And this is exactly what all tiny dick losers need to see for themselves. If you try on a regular condom and it fits like this then you know you’re not equipped for sex.

In fact you should forget all about pussy, blowjobs or anything that real men enjoy and prepare for a life of, at most, endless masturbation. That’s the best a dicklette like this can expect.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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